Traveling to and from Narita


Due to the change in management it’s been quite a while since I last updated.
But we’re back!

And I want to restart with a blog about commuting to and from Narita airport.
Some of you might not know but the largest Tokyo airport is actually not located in Tokyo, it’s located in Narita area!  It takes from an hour to hour and a half to get there and there are multiple ways of doing so. Since I personally ran into many troubles with this myself, I would like to break it down for you.

1. Narita Express (N’EX)
It’s a special fast train kinda like Shinkansen that takes you directly to and from Narita Airport. It’s a preferred method of travel by Japanese.
You can also look up the times on your google maps app!
You can’t reserve tickets online but you can easily do so at any JR train station. Just look for the green booth!
When at the green booth just tell the staff “Narita Express” and the times you selected to travel!  Easy, even without speaking a word of Japanese!
You can do the same easily at Narita Airport, just follow the Narita Express signs.
Travel time is about an hour.
The cost is about 3390yen depending on your location.

More information:

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2. Airport Limousine Bus
This the the most comfortable way to travel because it takes you directly from your hotel lobby to the airport and vice versa. It’s possible to make a reservation online, however it’s only available in Japanese. The easiest way to reserve a ticket is to reserve directly from your hotel front desk (when heading to Narita) or from the Airport Limousine Desk at the Narita airport (when heading into Tokyo).
Your luggage is tagged and will be taken care of so you can relax and rest on the bus.
Travel time is about an hour and 20 minutes depending on your destination or departure location.
The cost is 3100yen regardless of the location.

More information:

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3. Keikyu Line
If you don’t mind holding on to your luggage and having possibility of not having a seat, the other way to get to and from Narita airport is by using Keikyu line. No reservations needed. It’s just a regular train.
Can be tracked by google maps app.
Travel time is an hour and 17minutes.
Price is about 1520yen (to and from Shinagawa)


4. Taxi
Really really not recommended but yes, the last transportation resort is taxi.
It will cost about 30000yen (according to uber) and travel time is an hour and 10 minutes to or from Shinagawa.

Once you are at Narita airport, you can enjoy shopping for unique souvenirs, dinning and gaming! That’s why I would recommend getting there at least 2 hours earlier than usual!
Here are some of the things you can enjoy at Narita Airport!

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Enjoy your time in Japan!