Baseball Games in Japan:Giants vs Tigers

Baseball Games in Japan:Giants vs Tigers

So let’s talk about baseball, one of Japan’s favorite sports.

Pastime is very important in life of the hardworking Japanese society and going to sport events is one of the most popular pastimes.
Today I am taking you to one of the legendary baseball games in Japan’s history. Hanshin Tigers from Osaka vs Yomiuri Giants from Tokyo!
Since we are located in Tokyo, we are going to see this legendary game on the home field of Giants, Tokyo Dome!

Though I personally have never been to a baseball game, I had a lot of fun watching my first one here at Tokyo Dome.

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Let’s talk about food! The food at the baseball game in Japan had a surprising variety, from the regular hot dogs to the ones with Japan-flavored toppings, to traditional Japanese lunch boxes (bento)!

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To replenish our drinks during the games, girls wearing color-coordinated uniforms and carrying trays and/or backpacks with soft drinks, ice cream and variety of alcoholic drinks, were walking around the stands. It was kinda fun to track down the ones that were vending a specific type of drink that I wanted.

It was fun to watch the audience almost as much as the players on the field.

Explore Japan and have fun!


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