Music of Japan: VAMPS  

As a part of entertainment industry in Japan, I would like to introduce you to its music and all of its amazing musicians that many of you might not be aware of.

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This time I would like to start with a Japanese rock band that is active both in Japan and all around the world – VAMPS!

VAMPS are a rock duo consisting of HYDE (vocal) and K.A.Z.(guitar), formed in 2008 and aggressively rising in popularity all across Japan and Asia, Europe and the US. This spring, as well as performing at various rock festivals across the US, VAMPS went on the US tour with the legendary American rocker Nikki Sixx, for his solo project band Sixx:AM, and legendary Finnish metal band Apocalyptica.

In Japan, VAMPS are super popular, selling out venues like Saitama Super Arena, at which we consequentially decided to catch up with them and introduce you to their music, live performance and merchandize!

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Music scene in Japan is popular not only for its music styles and unique performances but also for its band merchandize – from anything to everything featuring your favorite band`s logo! VAMPS merchandize is quite unique so we decided to introduce you to some of their unique items this season!

Check these out!


For customers outside Japan you can also buy merchandize from VAMPS international company, VAMPROSE GLOBAL!

VAMPS do not rest, they have a lot of tours and unique shows planned both in Japan and across the world, make sure to check ‘em out!

You can also find out more about the band from their official page!



If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

Have fun on your trip and enjoy Japan!


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