Summer Products of Japan

Though summers are usually all about fun, vacations and hanging out with friends, we gotta be aware of the impending heat that comes along with the season of“fun in the sun”! The summers in Japan are pretty brutal, ruled by high humidity and heat, especially in Tokyo. However, have no fear because Japan has some awesome products to help you deal with the heat!

I would like to introduce some of those products to you!


I, myself being from South Florida, do understand what real heat and UV damage is all about, so I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered all the amazing summer products that Japan has to offer.

First and foremost the UV protection care!


Having sensitive skin, I always have trouble with different UV protection lotions and sprays because though they do protect me from the sun, the chemicals in them irritate my skin. Sunscreens in Japan are mostly made by pharmaceutical companies, such as Rohto, which means they take into consideration skincare as well as the potential chemicals that might cause skin irritation.

Cooling packs and patches!

Another set of cool products (no pun intended) includes the cool down packs and patches which can be applied to skin to cool you down anytime and anywhere thus helping to avoid heatstrokes. DAISO has quite a few of those products readily available!

Ion shower sprays!

So, pretty much these things are like pocket showers! They are deodorant sprays that turn into clear soap-scented powder when they dry, thus absorbing the sweat and preventing bad odor! My favorite ones are made by company called Ban! Check them out!

COOL clothing sprays!

Even if you can’t read Japanese, look for the “COOL” labels on products. All the products with this label mean that in some way they are designed to cool you down. Most of the time the cooling effect is initiated by menthol additives. For the clothing sprays, don’t spray them directly on your skin! Spray them on the collars and inner parts of your clothes before you wear them.

COOL lotions and bath salts!


Japanese people love bath time. There are so many bath products everywhere all year around! One of my favorite pass times is taking a bath and now it’s easily done in summer as well with COOL bath salts! Surprisingly they cool you down! It’s amazing!

And finally last but not least, facial skincare masks!


After a long day out in the sun, the UV damage to the skin is pretty brutal so I recommend the facial skincare masks that will help you rehydrate and repair the UV damage inflicted by the sun. For summer time, I recommend the Whitening, Toning, Rehydrating facial masks! There are also COOL facial masks as well that help with sunburns by creating the icy feeling on your skin while repairing the damage.

Make sure to check out these products and take care while having fun in the sun!

COOL Body Sheets

COOL Body Sheets

COOL packs

COOL packs

Salt Candy

Salt Candy


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