Tokyo Station Ramen Street


So… Let’s talk about food ramen!
We are back at JR Tokyo Station to explore the highly-praised Ramen Street! So pretty much it’s a section of Tokyo Station which features different types of ramen from all over Japan!
Though there is no English Guide Map to locating the street, it’s very easy to find!

Take Yaesu Central Exit

Walk straight till you see the stairs going down to “First Avenue Tokyo Station”
20160510-03 20160510-04

Take the stairs down and turn right
Follow the signs


And there we are!

Ramen street features ramen from different parts of Japan and you can choose the one you like from the menu/map located by the entrance!


Currently there are 8 flavors of ramen available. We decided on #5 Chiyogami!

20160510-08 20160510-09

The catch is that unlike regular restaurants, ramen is usually ordered outside the shop from a ticket machine. There are no English instructions on the machine but there are some English Descriptions pasted along the street with some explanations on how to use the machines.

20160510-10 20160510-11

20160510-12 20160510-13

Watch my video for more information and instructions on using the ramen machines!

Check out Ramen Street at Tokyo Station!
Explore Japan the fun way!



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