Intro to Japanese Sake: The Basics

I think it’s about time that we talked about Japanese sake! Since there are so many varieties in Japan and most of them are written completely in Japanese, it might get overwhelming when we try to decide which one would suit our palate.
Let me introduce you to a few basic sake readily available at convenience stores and liquor stores here in Japan!

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Liquor Store Sake


■Jozen Mizunogotoshi
An ideal introduction sake. Smoot, light and fruity with a pleasant aftertaste.
Alcohol content 14%
■Sawanoi Daikaraikuchi
A true dry sake(+10 dryness). Super dry and light.
Alcohol content 15%
■Urakasumi Junmai
A smooth and fruity sake with a hint of roasted nuts.
Alcohol content 15%

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Since its summer its best to serve sake chilled.


Convenience Store Sake

■MIO Sparkling Sake
A smooth, light, fruity taste with bubbles, unlike any other sake.
Alcohol content 5%
■Hakutsuru Draft Sake
A light, fresh and strong taste.
Alcohol content 14%
■Kikusui Funaguchi
A unique sake due to the process which was used to brew it. It’s unpasteurized and undiluted and protected from the light by aluminum packaging. It has rich flavor which reminded me a bit of wine.
Alcohol content changes with time from 15% to 19%
■One Cup Ozeki
The best-selling cup sake in Japan. It was the very first sake released in cup size and thus could be easily consumed during sports events or on the go. It was released in conjunction with 1964 Olympics. Smooth and balanced taste.
Alcohol content 15%

Check out my video for more information and bonus footage of Japanese snacks to have with sake!

Have a safe and fun Summer in Japan!


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