Yokohama Fireworks: Sparkling Twilight 2016


It’s almost the end of the summer and what’s a better way to say good bye than by watching the fireworks light up the last of the summer night sky?
One of the most popular firework events is Yokohama Sparkling Twilight, so that’s where we headed out.


Though our main reason for coming to Yokohama was watching fireworks, we couldn’t miss the chance to explore this picturesque city, so we got there a bit early to look around.
We started out with a walk across the boardwalk and the pier so we could enjoy the view of the famous Yokohama cityline that featured the half-moon shaped hotel, Yokohama Grand Intercontinental, the Cosmo Clock 21 and Landmark Tower.
What a view!


Then we proceeded to walk back to Yokohama’s Chinatown for lunch, while passing the beautiful European-style cafes along the way. About 80% of people passing by were wearing yukata, it was really a beautiful sight to observe, as the flowers of different colors suddenly started blooming along the streets of Yokohama.


Chinatown located across the road from Yamashita park is also a cool place to visit, it’s close proximity to our desired location allowed us to explore more off at Yokohama had to offer. Chinatown is truly breathtaking and the amazing scents of food and incenses really added something extra to the experience.

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After a search for a perfect place to have lunch, we decided on a buffet-style restaurant called KAFUKU HANTEN! The air-conditioned atmosphere and delicious food was just what we needed before we head out to set up our picnic sheet at the park.

20160822-13 20160822-14

We had a little time left before the fireworks began so we grabbed a few summer CHU-Hi’s and snacks to munch on while we wait.
As the fireworks began we could hear laughter and gasps of amazement at the beauty of the pyrotechnics which for that hour just looked like magic.

20160822-15 20160822-16


Watch the video blog below for more information and fun!

Thank you, Yokohama!
And good bye, summer!


If you have any comments or questions and even ideas for h next segment feel free to send them in!



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