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Yukata & Summer Festival at Shinagawa Shrine

Yukata & Summer Festival at Shinagawa Shrine

The summer has been ruling Tokyo for awhile and along with it all the summer festivals! Usually, other bloggers write about all the major festivals, so sometimes it’s easy to forget the not-so-major-yet-unique local summer festivals. There is this cool place located in Shinagawa, called Shinagawa Shrine, though not so widely known, it boasts a few unique features, including the Shinagawa Mt. Fuji, an artificial mountain built to imitate Mt. Fuji! The view from the top of the shrine is truly breathtaking! (Check out my video blog Part 2 for the walkthrough the festival.) Of course, summer festivals in Japan are associated with colorful traditional yukatas, really, you shouldn’t attend


To the Famous Naeba Prince Ski Resort

The winter is coming to an end and for those of us who live in Tokyo area and love winter sports, it’s the last time to squeeze in some snow days! I would like to introduce you to one of Japan’s famous ski resorts, Naeba Prince ski resort that’s located about 3 hours away by car, in Niigata. Aside from its close proximity to Tokyo, the great thing about this ski resort is it’s foreign-friendly atmosphere! The maps, menus and many of the services are in English! Though I personally don’t ski or snowboard, I enjoy the winter scenery and making snowmen! There is something magical about the snow scenery,